Every Student Succeeds Act

On December 10, 2015, President Obama signed into law a reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Previously referred to as No Child Left Behind (NCLB), the newly reauthorized ESEA is being referred to as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).   States will be given a transition period to work through these changes, with much of the new law going into effect in the 2017-18 school year.
Key Provisions of NCLB
State Standards and Curriculum: States are required to develop state standards and participate in the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). Wisconsin has developed standards and utilizes the Wisconsin Student Assessment System (WSAS) currently. School district educators have been working hard aligning their curriculums with the Wisconsin State Standards and Common Core State Standards to make sure that students are assessed on the information that they have had the opportunity to master. District data retreats are held regularly where building teams meet to review district data on how students in New Richmond are progressing. The School District of New Richmond works collaboratively with a team of individuals comprised of teachers, parents, school board members and administrators representing the differing viewpoints in the Title portions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act/No Child Left Behind. This team is responsible for assisting the district curriculum team and administration in the compliance and annual planning of the use of ESEA/NCLB funds. Please contact the district office if you would like more information on this Act or visit the dpi website at: www.dpi.wi.gov/esea/index.html
State and District Report Cards: In May 2015, the Wisconsin state legislature passed SB 67, also known as “the pause bill”, stipulating that the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) shall not produce School and District Report Cards that result from 2014-15 school year testing.  While accountability report cards will not be created for 2014-15, assessment results will still be publicly posted in WISEdash public portal http://wisedash.dpi.wi.gov/Dashboard/portalHome.jsp and federal accountability requirements remain in effect.  
School Safety: Parents will be notified if their school is identified under the DPI’s criteria as persistently dangerous. Data regarding student expulsions is reviewed for this determination. Schools in the School District of New Richmond do not meet the criteria to be classified as a “persistently dangerous” school. Parents will also be receiving information about a school’s violence and drug prevention effort as well as how they can be involved in such initiatives.
Staff Licensure: Parents of students in the School District of New Richmond may request information about the qualifications of their children’s teachers and paraprofessionals. Under this law, parents have the right to ask these questions: Is my child’s teacher licensed to teach the grades or subjects assigned? Has the state waived any requirements for my child’s teacher? What was the college major of my child’s teacher? What degrees does my child’s teacher hold? Are there instructional aides working with my child? If so, what are their qualifications? Information can be found at www.dpt.state.wi.us/dpi/dlsis/tel/lisearch.html 
Student Surveys: Student surveys requesting information in one or more of the eight identified categories including questions that may be of a personal or sensitive nature must protect student privacy and give parents the right to inspect the survey. Parents will be provided with the approximate dates during the year when surveys are scheduled and have the right to opt their child out of participation in the administration of the survey. Every two years the School District of New Richmond administers the “Search Profiles of Student Life: Attitudes and Behaviors”. This survey is very helpful in determining the number of developmental assets and at-risk behaviors reported by our students.
Access to the Military: Military Recruiters will be provided the same access to high school students as is generally provided to post secondary educational institutions or to prospective employers of those students. Parents have a right to request their child’s name, address and phone not be released to a military recruiter.
Limited English Proficient (LEP)/English Language Learners (ELL) Students: Parents have the right to be notified if their child is identified and is participating in a language instructional program within the district. Information regarding the above can be found at the School District Office or on the DPI website at www.dpi.state.wi.us.
Homeless Students: Parents of homeless children (and unaccompanied youth) must be notified of the availability of a district homeless liaison (Joan Simpson 715-243-7424) and the right to immediate enrollment and school participation, even if educational and medical records and proof of residency are not available. Homeless students have the right to enroll and be transported to their school of origin when requested by a parent. More information located on the district website at www.newrichmond.k12.wi.us 
As stated in School District of New Richmond School Board Policy 2271, the District shall provide a Youth Options Program for any 11th or 12th grade student who meets established requirements to enroll in programs offered by University of Wisconsin system institutions, vocational, technical or adult education (VTAE) school or private, non-profit higher education institutions in Wisconsin.