Parent Rights and the Curriculum

As stated in New Richmond School Board Policy 2416.01, the Board of Education recognizes the right of parents/guardians to inspect instructional materials and to deny their child’s participation in certain curricular activities in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations. The Board also recognizes that reasonable accommodations with regard to examinations and other academic requirements may have to be made from time to time because of a student’s sincerely held religious beliefs. Additionally, in accordance with Board Policy  2414, the District shall provide parents annually with an outline of the human growth and development program used in their child’s grade level as well as information regarding how the parent may inspect the complete program and instructional materials. Prior to use in the classroom, the program shall be made available to parents for inspection.
Requests regarding the above may be made to the building principal. All requests shall be judged individually, based upon state and federal guidelines. If a parent/guardian is not satisfied with the building principal’s decision, he/she may appeal to the district administrator.