Access to Student Records

The Board recognizes the need for confidentiality of student records. Therefore, student’s records shall be available for inspection or release only with prior approval of the parent/guardian or adult student, except in situations where legal requirements specify release of records without such prior approval. The Board has established guidelines relative to the collection, storage, retrieval, use and destruction of student records. Such procedures shall be in accordance with state and federal law and are identified in Board Policy 8330. Copies of the policy can be obtained at the District Office, 837 East 11th Street, New Richmond, WI 54017 or on the District website. Information on the procedure for filing a complaint with the Family Policy and Regulation Office of the Department of Education is available in the District Office. A list of all persons who handle or have access to personally identifiable information shall be posted in accordance with state and federal law requirements and established procedures. Student record notices shall be published in accordance with state law.