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SDNR Tiger Launch Plan Update 6-2-21

Dear Students, Staff, and Parents,

YOU DID IT, at the time of this correspondence, the School District of New Richmond has provided 171 in-person learning days for SDNR Elementary students, 143 in-person learning days and 28 remote learning days for NRMS students, 139 in-person learning days and 32 remote learning days for NRHS students along with offering a majority of our extra-curricular activities. These opportunities were realized through teamwork, collaboration, sacrifice, and most of all care for our students, staff, families, and community.

Please read the attachment for more detailed information.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on our community’s physical and mental health. Like you, we have all learned a lot about how to adapt on a daily basis. Our country, state, and community need resilient schools, resilient educators, and resilient students. As a District, we are fortunate for the collaboration and contributions of so many who helped develop and implement our 2020-21 Tiger Launch Plan. This past year was filled with many accomplishments and I would first like to say our thoughts and prayers to everyone that lost a family member or friend to OOVID-19. As we reflect on the challenges that we all endured, we owe it to one another to keep looking ahead. For the past fifteen months, we grappled with fluctuating health rules and guidance, all while trying to keep our students and staff safe! I am overflowing with Tiger Pride at what the SDNR team of staff members accomplished despite the daily challenges of this global pandemic. Adversity plays a vital role in growth and greatness. Instead of avoiding adversity, the SDNR team of staff members embraced the challenges of not knowing what was ahead. Our focus from the start was to provide continued education for all students at each level that is effectively communicated and TOGETHER WE DID IT!


Patrick B. Olson
District Administrator