• Student Mental Health Screening  - Reynolds Adolescent Depression Screening (RADS-2)

    The School District of New Richmond is proud to offer our students and families this preventative opportunity as part of our comprehensive school counseling program.  School systems and communities around the nation are recognizing the importance of making the mental health and well-being of youth a priority. This questionnaire offers a simple way to evaluate, but not diagnose, if a teen is suffering from depressive symptoms, or if they may be at risk for additional concerns. These problems can result in substance abuse, school failure, suicide and other difficulties that can disrupt the adolescent development process. By offering voluntary mental health checkups, these screenings provide the opportunity for youth and their families the chance to succeed academically and live happy and productive lives.

    At NRHS, we offer this screening to our entire freshman class in the fall of each year.  Parent/guardian and student consent will be obtained prior to the screening. In addition, the screening program can be used individually with students when appropriate or by parent request.


    2019-2020 Screening Dates

    The screening will be administered between two days (half the class each day) – Tuesday November 5th and November 12th. The screening will be within the school day and given to all freshmen. Students do not miss any instruction time for the assessment as it is coordinated with classroom teachers and built into that day’s schedule. There are three steps to the screening procedure:

    • Step One: Students complete a 5-8 minute questionnaire about general emotional health including depression and anxiety on either Nov. 5th or 12th.
    • Step Two: If the assessment shows concerns, your child will be provided the opportunity to meet individually with a mental health professional the Thursday following their screening date (Nov. 7th or 14th) to determine if there is a need for further support. For students whose results show immediate concern, we will have them meet with a mental health professional the same day as their screening (the 5th or 12th).
    • Step Three: If your child meets with a mental health professional and there is a recommendation for further referrals or services, we will contact you and discuss options to access appropriate resources and/or additional support.
    Common Questions and Answers about the RADS-2 Screening

     Are RADS-2 screening results confidential?

    In order to protect your child’s privacy, his/her screening results and related files will not be stored with his/her academic records. Teachers will not be involved in the screening procedure. If program staff believe that your child may be a harm to themselves or others, they will take action and notify parents/guardians, appropriate personnel and/or necessary authorities.

    What if I provide consent, but my child doesn’t want to participate?

     Because we believe screening should be totally voluntary, your child may refuse to participate or refuse to answer any questions during the screening. We will notify you by letter if your child chooses not to participate or is absent on the day of the screening.

    Does this screening identify those who may need further counseling or treatment services?

    If the screening indicates some concerns, all possible treatment decisions would be made only by the student and families in close consultation with a health professional. The screening itself would not indicate whether further services would or would not be helpful.

    How accurate is the screening questionnaire?

     The RADS-2 screening questionnaire was designed to be used as a self-report measure of adolescent depression in school and clinical settings. It has been proven effective in identifying youth with possible depression or emotional problems. However, the questionnaire results are not to be used to identify a mental health diagnosis. Medical diagnoses are beyond the scope of the program, and it is used solely as a screening measure.

    Can I get more information?

    If you would like any additional information about the screening, feel free to contact your student’s school counselor. We would be happy to answer any additional questions or concerns you may have.