• The 40 Developmental Assets have been identified by Search Institute of Minneapolis, Minnesota, through extensive research as the cornerstones to youth resiliency, success and happiness.  Search Institute asserts that the more assets a youth has, the higher the likelihood of a positive future.  The Assets are not a ‘program’ to follow or complete, they are a frame of mind and way to think about youth.  Focusing on youth strengths, skills, abilities and talents – as opposed to what is ‘going wrong’ with them – is a mindset and attitude that fosters significantly more growth and development.  The School District of New Richmond prescribes to this belief wholeheartedly and is committed to using youth strengths to enrich their lives, our school environments, and our community as a whole. 

    The Assets are divided into two categories – External and Internal Assets. External Assets are focused on factors typically outside of a youth’s control and Internal Assets are factors that are 100% within a youth’s control.

    Click on the website below to view the complete listing of the 40 Developmental Assets and additional information regarding them.