Strategic Planning Discussion


The School District of New Richmond strategic plan is the key to assuring that we are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. To end the year, one pillar we are concentrating on to better understand the needs of our District is Pillar 1 (Parents and Community). To meet this goal, we are creating two communication tools to maximize our engagement so we are better able to collaborate with our stakeholders. As a student, parent, or community member you will be able to verbalize strengths or areas of opportunity in the form of a brief end of the year survey or at a District Administrator listening session.

If you would rather share your strengths or areas of opportunity in person please join me on Wednesday-May 10th at 6pm in the large forum at the New Richmond High School. Our hope is that these types of communications will invoke further discussions of improvement for the School District of New Richmond.


Patrick Olson, District Administrator
Phone: 715-243-7413


New Richmond High School Large Forum