• Welcome to New Richmond! 

    New Richmond is a community of about 8000 located in western Wisconsin about 35 miles east of St. Paul, Minnesota.
    Currently we have five (5) schools in our district. Three (3) elementary schools: Paperjack, Starr and Hillside elementary schools that house K-5 grades. The New Richmond Middle School houses 6-8 grades and the New Richmond High School houses grades 9-12.
    The New Richmond High School has an Alternative School programs in place for students who may need alternative learning environments.
    The New Richmond Schools are a source of great pride for the New Richmond community.  Through a well-balanced academic program and an extensive program of extra-curricular activities, our district provides the opportunity for all students to grow and learn.
    We encourage you to visit our building websites at:
    As a resource to you, below are additional resident resources. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 715-243-7411.

    If you are new to the New Richmond area and would like more information on enrolling your school age children- please visit our New Student Enrollment Page