Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my information confidential?
    Because the School District is a public entity, your application is considered a public document and is subject to disclosure, upon request--whether you apply on a paper document or through the online process.
    Should I mail all required documents to the School District of New Richmond in addition to using the online application process?
    No.  If you attach all required documents to the online application, you do not need to send your information again.
    How do I apply for a specific position?
    When you complete your application on WECAN you will neet to attach it to the vacancy number listed.
    If I apply for a position how long do ou keep my application on file?
    Your application for each vacancy is kept according to the DPI record retention period of 3 years.  However, we do not necessarily go back and look at the applications for the past three years when a vacancy occurs.  You need to apply for each vacancy that you are interested in.