A Message from Mr. Olson

  •  Patrick Olson
    December 2018

    School District of New Richmond and the Meaning of “SAFE”

    School safety has become a critical component of District planning for many reasons. The term safety can be defined as a condition of protection in both a physical and psychological manner. A key responsibility of the School District of New Richmond is to ensure a safe and secure environment for students, staff, and visitors. Safety situations come in many forms both natural and manmade. We have to envision the uncertain, then prepare, and plan for it. We continue to assess effective emergency planning which includes widespread communication, identification of roles, and detailed procedures.

    To maximize our safety toolbox, the District has created a clear and concise framework for discussing and communicating our District’s Safety Response Manual to all stakeholders. The manual primarily addresses two types of audiences: internal (students and staff) and external (parents, businesses, civic groups, and other members of the New Richmond community). We are continually looking to enhance our preparedness tools at all levels.

    The following includes specific examples of our enhanced Safety toolbox:

    School Resource Officer (SRO) The primary role of a SRO is to maintain order, provide security on school grounds, and provide a positive learning environment for students and staff. We look forward to Officer Anderson’s continued effort to engage and build relationships with students, staff, and the community and to foster school-police partnerships. Officer Anderson works diligently to help reduce negative occurrences through early intervention activities in all of our buildings.

    Trauma Sensitive School Training, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Adolescent Mental Health Training Course Throughout the 2018-19 school year, all professional staff and para-professionals will be trained in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and Trauma Informed Care. Starr Elementary and our Middle School have taken this a step further and have trained as an entire staff due to a Trauma Sensitive School grant that was received. As a District, we also train staff members through a certified non-violent crisis intervention (CPI) program aligned with trauma informed care. In the summer of 2019 through collaboration with the Department of Justice we will also have a variety of staff trained in Adolescent Mental Health Care.

    ALiCE, CRASE, and Stop the Bleed Training In 2015, the School District of New Richmond updated its District Safety Response Manual to include ALiCE training which is designed to provide comprehensive preparedness in the event of a violent (armed) intruder. The goal is to utilize infrastructure, technology, and human action to increase overall student and staff safety and survival chances. All School District of New Richmond staff are formally trained in ALiCE procedures on an annual basis. All new staff to the District are required to be trained in ALiCE before the start of each school year. In addition, Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event Training (CRASE) has been provided by Chief Craig Yehlik of the New Richmond Police Department. This presentation is geared toward active assailant situations both inside and outside of a school building. Finally, the School District of New Richmond High School Staff and School Safety Teams from each building were trained in Stop the Bleed care provided by Westfield’s Hospital & Clinic. Each AED defibrillator in the District will be accompanied by a Stop the Bleed kit for increased access to this type of care.

    District Evacuation and Reunification Drills As part of our District’s Safety Response Manual review it is important to put our plans into action. Through live scenarios we are able to learn and enhance our plans to provide a safe environment for students and staff. One action item for the 2018-19 school year is for each building to conduct an all-school evacuation drill. In addition, the District’s reunification plan was written and developed to provide a basis for a parental/student reunification process. The plan includes response instructions, emergency information, and guidelines to protect the safety and well-being of students and staff during localized emergencies across a wide array of potential disasters. The District’s Parental/Student Reunification Plan is implemented at the time of a disaster or an emergency. School site emergency plans are activated in collaboration with law enforcement and the administrative team.

    District Behavior Coach In a joint partnership with Westfield’s Hospital & Clinic, the School District of New Richmond has created a District Behavior Coach position which was filled by Alicia Kirkman. This position will serve students District wide in a similar capacity as our academic coaches. As part of our RtI initiative, this position will assist classroom teachers with students that need additional behavior and trauma support by providing assessment, strategies, and progress monitoring to help everyone be more successful.

    Wisconsin Department of Justice School Safety Grant The School District of New Richmond has been awarded $320,000 as part of the Wisconsin Department of Justice School Safety Grant process. Through various discussions with law enforcement and District staff, our administration team prioritized the District’s safety needs in conjunction with the District’s Safety Response Manual. These funds will be utilized to further cover safety costs which include additional deadbolts with keyed cores for classroom doors, security window blinds, security door covers, additional interior/exterior cameras, emergency portable handheld radios for increased communication, wall-mounted stop the bleed control stations, and additional mobile EMS-first aid/trauma kits for building offices.

    Overall we feel these safety additions will increase every student and staff member’s sense of protection and well-being, freeing them to focus solely on education.


    Patrick Olson
    District Administrator
    School District of New Richmond

    Office: 715.243.7413


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