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    On behalf of the Board of Education and our team of staff members, we want to welcome everyone to the 2019-2020 school year. We look forward to partnering with you for another year of learning, growing, and achieving here in the School District of New Richmond. Our team of dedicated staff members have been busy preparing for the upcoming school year as we welcome over 3,450 students through our doors for a personalized educational journey.

    As a community, we continue to find new ways to collaborate not only within our District walls but also with outside agencies, businesses, and service organizations. I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude to our team of staff members that have been working diligently throughout the summer teaching and preparing for the upcoming school year. These obligations include Summer Stretch and Jumpstart, which provides programming for close to two-thousand students. In addition, rosocial and emotional trainings, curriculum writing, assessment development, technology training, and many more professional development opportunities.

    Notable changes for the 2019-20 school year include:

    Student and Staff Safety: The District has been finalizing various new safety features for this upcoming school year, which includes one-touch classroom deadbolts, new digital platform and radios, upgraded camera systems, First Aid kits, and Stop the Bleed stations. In addition, we plan to have a new visitor management system instituted this coming school year. Finally, over the summer, we had District staff trained on school-based threat, risk, and vulnerability assessment and they are currently evaluating each building in our District.

    Social Emotional and Mental Health: The District continues to take steps in this area through professional development and utilizing additional resources for both our students and staff. Trainings throughout the District include BARR (High School), Trauma Sensitive Training (Starr Elementary, Middle School, and District), and Adolescent Mental Health Training (District). In addition, various levels were able to secure grants including BARR ($160,000) and School-Based Mental Health Services from the Wisconsin Department of Instruction ($134,520) to provide these additional resources.

    NR4Kids Transportation Hub: NR4Kids is now a community based 4K program supporting the New Richmond area due to the expiration of the DPI charter school agreement. As a whole, you will see very few changes to the overall programming to NR4Kids. Changes include the District offering transportation through a new 4K transportation hub at Starr Elementary, Big Day for PreK curriculum, consistent 4K calendar, and a NR4Kids handbook.

    NRHS Stadium: This project continues to progress with phase 1 (lights) completed and phase 2 (turf) to be completed by September 1, 2019. The Board of Education approved the NRHS Stadium Phase 3 site prep due to savings from the turf bid process. This prep is providing the foundation work for our future concession stand, ticket booths, and bathrooms at this site. Led by instructors Ken Kerr and Tom Leque, our students will have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy by constructing these structures starting in the fall of 2019. Phase 4 (bleachers) and Phase 5 (team rooms) will be addressed through a capital campaign and grant funding.

    Below are the 2019-2020 School District of New Richmond goals formally set by the Board of Education. Student achievement remains our highest priority because when our children succeed, we all succeed due to the contributions young minds can make to our society and the communities in which they live.

    2019-2020 DISTRICT GOALS

    • Be recognized as a top performing District as measured by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s school accountability report card.
    • Increase by five percentage points the number of students in 3rd Grade reading at the proficient/advanced level as measured by the Wisconsin Forward Exam.
    • By grade at each building, increase by ten percentage points the number of students at or above the District target benchmark in Reading for 2019-2020 in grades 1-10.
    • By grade at each building, increase by ten percentage points the number of students at or above the District target benchmark in Math for 2019-2020 in grades 1-10.
    • Achieve an average composite score of 22 or higher on the Spring 2020 ACT state assessment at grade 11.

    In addition, the School District of New Richmond’s strategic plan is built on the foundation of our Core Purpose: Inspire every student to learn to his or her potential. This is further supported by our Core Values: of excellence, respect, integrity, learning, passion, diversity and collaboration. The strategic plan is built upon the District’s Six Pillars for Success, which includes district initiatives for the next 5 years and beyond. These Six Pillars for Success include:

    Pillar 1 (Parents and Community) Parents and community are encouraged to actively engage and collaborate in our schools.

    Pillar 2 (Facilities) To provide safe facilities and environments that meet the educational needs of students and staff.

    Pillar 3 (Students) Inspire every student to learn to his or her potential and empower students in their own learning.

    Pillar 4 (Innovative Instruction) High standards, rigorous curriculum and powerful instruction: we must go beyond the basics to ensure that all students become critical-thinkers, effective communicators and responsible global citizens.

    Pillar 5 (Staff) Collaborate effectively and participate in shared leadership to enhance professional practice and student learning.

    Pillar 6 (Technology) Technology shall be integrated to enhance, improve, engage, and stimulate the learning environment for all students.

    In closing, as we move forward with our collaboration efforts, I invite you to think about a quote written by Benjamin Franklin who stated, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your child and this community. We understand the very important role we play in the lives and futures of our children. Please feel free to contact me anytime with comments, questions, or concerns.  Finally, with the new year getting underway, we invite everyone to learn more about our District by visiting our website at www.newrichmond.k12.wi.us. We also encourage you to download the SDNR Tigers app and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to receive daily updates on all the great experiences we are having here at the School District of New Richmond.


    Patrick B. Olson

    District Administrator

    School District New Richmond

    Office: 715.243.7413



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