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    Below is a list of pottery classes we are currently offering or some that we've offered in the past.  Please be sure to check our class schedule for current offerings and if you'd like to see us offer something in the future, please tell us!

     - Family Art Out Series: an enjoyable art-filled events where you and your loved one can create a unique piece that you can both enjoy for years to come!

    - Woodland Creature Mug or Bowl

    - Fairy Lanterns

    - Clay Towers

    - Monster Bowls

    - Flower Wall Pocket

    - Cake Dessert Plate

    - Creative Yarn Bowls


    Holiday Dishes - we make cake dessert stands, snack holders, and deviled egg trays.  The class is designed for beginners and advanced alike.  


    Holiday Ornaments - make your own special holiday ornament or decoration for the holiday season.  We use stamps, molds, and our creative imaginations to create that special piece.  


    Wheel Throwing - learn how to center clay on the pottery's wheel and understand the basics that are needed to make cups and bowls.  We learn how to throw a cylinder and bowl, which are the building blocks for everything you do when throwing.   Participants glaze the last week of the class.  


    Pottery Alterations and more - wheel throwing alterations and more is a class that allows you to build on your conquered wheel skills.  The class is set to explore the many ways you can alter and re-shape your wheel thrown pieces.  Learn how to see with your hands and listen to the clay and how to control its rebellious ways.  Explore the world of squares, triangles, ovals, and incorporate stacked and hand-built elements.  Texture Facet, and decorate your pots like you never imagined.  


    Pottery Parties for Youth - celebrate your special event with a creative and memorable hands-on experience at The Pottery Place.  Our clay events encourage people of all ages to develop their imaginations and are a wonderful introduction to the rewards of making art.  Participants learn basic hang-building and glazing techniques to make something that will be a permanent reminder of the event.  Ideas include - mugs, birdhouses, figures/animals, planters, tiles, bowls, etc.  Call for more information - 715-243-7421.

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