• Babysitter's Training (ages 11+) - we're proud to offer a Red Cross Certified Babysitter's Course.  The course is fun and fast-paced with hands-on activities, exciting video, role-plays and lively discussions. You'll learn to be the best babysitter on the block!  Plus, you'll gain the confidence to make smart decisions and stay safe in any babysitting situation.  
    You'll learn how to:
    • Supervise children and infants
    • Perform basic child-care skills such as diapering and feeding
    • Chose safe, age-appropriate games and toys
    • Handle bedtime and discipline issues
    • Identify safety hazards and prevent injuries
    • Care for common injuries and emergencies such as choking, burns, cuts, and bee stings
    • Communicate effectively with parents
    • Find and interview for babysitting jobs
    Instructed by Eileen VanDyk
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