4K - Firestone

    NR4KIDS will provide access to quality, developmentally appropriate early learning opportunities for four-year-olds through community and family partnerships. 
    Who can participate? 
    • Any child who will be four years old on or before September 1, 2023 will be eligible to participate. 
    How much will it cost? 
    • Wisconsin's school funding system provides funding for 4-year-old Kindergarten programs based on the number of students enrolled.  There will be no charge to parents for district sponsored NR4Kids programming, no matter where the site is located. Sites that offer extended day childcare will still charge for childcare services.  Check your site's handbook for the specific fee schedule.
    What can I expect? 
    • As an early education program, NR4Kids will focus on reading and language arts, but will also include math, social studies, science, health, physical education, creative art and music.  Young children learn by doing, exploring and experimenting in an integrated, nurturing environment.  A typical day would include some teacher-directed instruction, many "hands-on" activities and opportunities for child-initiated play. 
    Where will my child go to NR4K? 
    • The purpose of a collaborative 4-Year-Old Kindergarten program is to partner with the existing expertise, experience and facilities of private providers in the community.  Please click on the NR4Kids Site Brochure (within the appropriate school year information link) for a listing of all NR4Kids partner sites within the community that will be available for that school year.  Parents can choose a site that best fits the needs of their 4  year old.

    Daycare or "wrap-around" services

    • If you are interested in daycare or "wrap-around" services for your 4-year-old participating in the NR4Kids program, parents need to contact the site as soon as possible to reserve a daycare slot.  Daycare providers are carefully monitored by the state and have strict guidelines on how many children they can have on-site at any one time.  Although you will not know your child's NR4Kids site for a few weeks, you should contact at least your top two choices at this time to let them know that you would be interested in daycare if your child attends 4-year-old kindergarten there.  In this way, the partner sites that offer daycare services can begin planning.  Other families who will not be participating in the NR4Kids program are making their arrangements for next year already, so it's important that you notify the site(s) of your intentions as soon as possible.  Please contact the partner sites directly for more information and their childcare rates.