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  • SOAR stand for Students Opportunities with Agricultural Resources, the SOAR educational center is a school farm that produces goods for school lunch. The farm is run by high school students under the direction of Ag teacher Rachel Savoula. At the core of the farm is 12 head of beef cattle that will be butchered and sold to the school nutrition department to be used in school lunches. The farm also houses over 30 chickens and 12 ducks whose eggs are sold to the community, and a goat who is used for educational programs. The land which is leased in partnership with the city of New Richmond also features a 6 acre field where with the help of local farmers the programs grows corn for its animals. Along with producing food the farm is also used to hold educational programs for both students and community members of all ages, with the goal of Growing and Learning Today; Feeding  and Leading Tomorrow.


    Rachel Sauvola

    SOAR Center Advisor

    Career & Technical Education



Current News

  • American Truck Poster
    The New Richmond School District's SOAR Educational Center wishes to thank Dr. Terry Neumann who nominated us for the Positive Payload Program sponsored by American Trucks. 
    Without the support of Bernard's Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, it wouldn't be possible to operate our school farm that raises beef for school lunch. Their sponsorship of our farm truck is essential for transporting students and supplies to and from the farm. Since this is a community partnership, we also have a large number of people within New Richmond who use their own trucks to assist in acquiring supplies for the four species living on the farm, haul the gravity box of corn for feed, deliver the animals' daily rations, pull trailers of hay, plow snow in the winter and even cart around newborn calves to to drop them off at the farm.  At the actual high school, there are plenty of folks delivering items used to learn about agriculture as well - from the fish truck that brings the tilapia for the aquaculture tanks to the truck that delivers the seeds and soil for the greenhouse or backs up to the overhead door to drop off a pair of lambs to study, trucks are ever present. Operating these programs with her student team, Mrs. Sauvola sincerely thanks all who help to make New Richmond's SOAR Center and Agriscience Department a state and nationally recognized high school agricultural education program. She certainly can't do it alone!