•  LEAP:  Leaders of Environmental Advocacy and Protection
    Our mission is to better the community and promote better environmental habits  
    LEAP Project 
    Since 2015, students have been planning and conducting meetings to finish the daunting project. It all started with a student who wanted to make a change. That student was Nora Stolley,  who went on to lead the project. The goal of the project was to rid the school of the eye sore of weeds and patchy grass that hundreds of students walked past everyday.

    The task of formulating a plan took many tries, but after diligent work one finally got approved. The project was so open ended that the student planning team went from one extreme plan to the next. Eventually the team came to a conclusion. It wasn’t until the following June that any major changes could be made.


    In June, Mrs. Swanson joined the project. She had so many great ideas that we just followed her flow. The plan was modified by adding pathways, mulch linings, flowing shapes, and different types of rock. All the manual labor began with removing the dying trees and getting rid of the weeds that covered the courtyard. After a week of hard work, we began digging up trenches to put plastic piping in. The plastic piping was strategically placed to add dimension and aesthetic. Part of the aesthetic was creating walkways for future seating, but also to break up the large areas of rock. The next step consisted of laying landscaping fabric, a time consuming task, but one LEAP members powered through. After all the fabric was set in stone, it was time to mulch. The club  lined the cement with mulch, which was nothing compared to the rock that had to be brought in. There was so much rock, but with the help of summer school students we were able to finish laying out rock in three long days. Last but not least, the courtyard was finished off with some plants. The plants add so much life and vibrancy. In the end, it wasn’t only LEAP who worked on this project, but Tiger Strength students and other staff members pitched in together to make the courtyard a beautiful addition to the school.

LEAP Leadership