• NRCE Course(s):  Developing your Intuition & Listening to your Inner Guidance, Ghostbusting 101, What's in a Dream, Helping Ghosts Cross Over, 

    Annette Bruchu discovered the metaphysical world at an early age.  It was later in life, however, that she realized that she was not alone and now she shares her gifts with others.  Annette captures and teaches the essence of what it is really like in the world of an Intuitive, a Psychic, a Healing Practitioner, a Colorstrologist and an Energy Clearer in a manner that is surprisingly practical and down to earth.

    A nationally known Intuitive Healer, Annette has a vast understanding of Aura fields, color representation and the Chakra System through Aura Photography.  She teaches Intuitive Development and Energy Healing courses and also offers home and business Energy Clearing.

    Annette has an intuitive ability to naturally channel healing to all types of physical and psychic confrontations and her gift of healing is extended to all who seek help.  It is Annette’s mission to truly help and work with others so that they may feel personally empowered.


    Annette is trained in the following modalities to help relieve the stresses of everyday life:

    • Master Intuitive
    • Healing Practitioner
    • Energy Clearer
    • Master Crystalogist
    • Qi Gong Practitioner
    • Colorstrology
    • Aura Photography and Chakra Imaging
    • Ghost Busting
    • Intuitive Development Instructor
    • Past Life Regressions and Life’s Progressions Sessions
    “Intuition is nature’s navigational device that provides our subconscious with advice that guides us on our voyage through life.  There’s always room to improve your instinct and intuition.  Are you on a tour or are you going to make it a journey?”  ~ Annette



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