• Welcome to NRMS Choir!

    The life of every music student is enriched by skills and knowledge acquired through the study of music as a fundamental component of the school curriculum.It is the goal of the New Richmond Middle School Choral Music Program to annually program a wide variety of works that provide a proper balance in the study and performance of choral music. This includes secular music, sacred music, music of other cultures, and music sung in foreign languages.The New Richmond Middle School choirs provide students with an opportunity to learn about their voice as a life-long instrument, and to participate in a quality musical ensemble. This handbook will outline the choir program and can be used as a resource for parents and students involved in the program. 

    This year we've had quite a few awesome opportunities already. Check out the Choir Events Link to see details and photos of each event.
  • New Richmond Middle School phone number: (715) 243-7472

    Mr. Dahle’s extension is 1620
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