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    Thanks for visiting my classroom web page.  Listed below is my schedule for the 1st semester of the 2020 - 2021 school year.
    Current Courses 
    • English 9
    • Resource Study Hall & Study Skills
    • Success Study Hall


    2020 - 2021 2nd Semester Class Schedule
    1st Period: BARR
    2nd Period: English 9 w/ Stodolka 
    3rd Period: Resource Study Hall & Study Skills
    4th Period: Success Study Hall 9
    5th Period: English 9 w/ Steiner 
    6th Period: English 9 w/ Stodolka
    7th Period: Common Prep w/English


    My web page is a great resource for both parents and students to find out what is currently being taught, accessing resources, knowing what has been assigned for homework as well as knowing when assignments/projects are due.

    Please contact me via email or voicemail if you have any further questions throughout the school year.