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    2020 Baseball Tryouts March 23 & 24

     “You have to have discipline to do things on your own. There’s not always going to be someone to make you do it. You have to have discipline to do it yourself.”
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    Please encourage and help out with your son if they have a passion and love to play baseball. What makes a difference for kids at this level is how many repetitions they get, and that goes for pitching, hitting, and fielding. You can help your son out tremendously by playing catch, throwing batting practice, hitting ground balls, or finding an instructor who will do this in your place. I am not asking everyone or anyone to force baseball to their kids, but if your son loves to play the game and wants to work hard at it, and earn more playing at at any level, I feel it is our responsibility to help them out with that as much as we can.  Please shoot me and email if you want any help in this area either during the off season or in season.