• The Career and Technical Education Team provides leadership, service and connections to prepare individuals for a wide range of careers that reflect the contemporary workplace.

CTE Mission Graphic
  • We love helping students learn new skills and trades that showcase their abilities, how to apply those skills to their lives today, and of course--have fun too!
    Some of the great courses offered in our department include:
    Conservation of Natural Resources
    Plants, Animals, Pizza and More 
    Leadership and You
    Small Animal Science 
    Large Animal Science
    Environmental Science
    Greenhouse Management
    Agricultural Business and Marketing
    Agricultural Equipment
    Horse Care and Management
    Advanced Fish and Wildlife
    Food Science
    Wildlife Management
    Dimensions of Life
    Clothing and Fashion
    Foundations of Early Childhood Education
    Housing and Interior Design
    Digital Electronics
    Intro to Engineering
    Cabinet & Furniture Construction
    Video Production
    Building Construction
    Computer Applications
    Advanced Computer Applications
    Auto Classes
    Wood and Metal Classes
    Computer Classes
    and other cool stuff!
    We want to help you to be successful in Career and Tech Ed, and feel prepared to enter the workforce or higher education with confidence after graduation.  Try a new Career and Tech Ed class and come hang out with us today!