• Melissa Schulze
    Name:  Melissa Schulze
    Title:  Tiger Quest
    Enrichment and Gifted Services Teacher
    Room:  F109 (Hillside) 214 (Starr) 107 (PJ)
    Phone Numbers:                                
    715.243.1490 (Hillside) 
    715.243.1507 (Paperjack)
    715.243.1578 (Starr)
    Welcome to
    Tiger Quest
    Tiger Quest is an enrichment opportunity for students provided by the New Richmond School District.

    Your child’s regular curriculum will be supported with an enrichment class(es) during the school day each week to support areas of strength.  The material will challenge your child with skills that go beyond his/her current grade level. 
    Based on their qualifications, students in  Tiger Quest will be able to participate in one or more of the following:
    Reading Enrichment
    Math Enrichment
    Tiger Think Tank (Critical Thinking)


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