Hello, my name is Amanda Hanson and I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin- Stout with a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education. This will be my seventh year teaching at New Richmond Middle School and I am very excited for the 2021-2022 school year!

    Class Descriptions:

    • 8th Grade FCE- In 8th grade FCE students spend three weeks of the quarter learning about child development. We cover the basics on why kids behave the way they do and the basic timeine for physical, mental, emotional and social development. Students then spend the remaining six weeks of the quarter in the foods unit where we cover proper measuring tecniques, kitchen safety, kitchen equipment and proper food handling procedures. Students get the opportunity to participate in five class foods labs where they work together to prepare various food items.
    • Financial Literacy(7th Grade)- In financial literacy students learn the basics of personal money management like what a checking account is, how to run and balance a checkbook, what the difference between a debit and credit card is, and how to write a check. We also discuss a basic description of what the stock market is and talk about cyber security and why it's imporant when it comes to online banking. Students also take part in an online banking scenario that is sponsored by WESTconsin Credit Union.
    • 6th Grade FCE- In 6th grade FCE students learn how to sew. The 7 week rotation is split into two sections so student have the opportunity to learn how to hand sew while making a patchwork owl pillow and students also learn how to use the sewing machine while making a drawstring cinch top backpack. By the end of the sewing rotation students will learn the process of how to set up the sewing machine, how to thread the sewing machine and how to make a basic stich using the machine. They will also learn how to hand stitch using a basic running stitch.
    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me, thanks for visiting my webpage!

    Amanda Hanson

    Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher

    8th Grade Homeroom

    New Richmond Middle School