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  • Welcome to your Technology section of the District Website. Find interesting tips, resources, and much more!  Check back often! As with all things technology-related, new information and changes happen frequently!

Technology Committee Members

  • The School District of New Richmond has a formal Technology Committee. Each building has dedicated Technology Integrators to help with classroom technology integration and needs.
    The following staff comprise the 2020-21 Technology Committee:

    Patrick Olson, Interim District Technology Director 
    Wade Curtis, Co-Network Supervisor 
    Aaron Parent, Co-Network Supervisor
    Lisa Vergin, Assistant Director of Technology
    Caleb Koslowski, Technology Technician
    Joey Turnipseed, Technology Technician
    Crystal Richter, Hillside Elementary Grade 4 Teacher
    Mike Richter, Hillside/Paperjack Media Specialist

    Rachel Mader, Paperjack Grade 3 Teacher

    Kari Steffen, Middle School Special Services Teacher
    Lori Klingler, Middle School Social Studies Teacher
    Teri Alwes, High School/Middle School Media Specialist
    Trent Bennig, High School Technology Education Teacher

Technology Forms

  • Thank you for visiting your Technology Forms resource page. Below, you will find an alphabetical listing of the most common technology forms used throughout the School District of New Richmond.

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