School District of New Richmond Report Card Summary

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    Student Achievement: Our District goals are rooted in our focus on student achievement. This fall the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released the 2018-19 State of Wisconsin Forward/Aspire/ACT assessment results to the public and because our staff’s excellence drives our success, we are proud to report the following for the School District of New Richmond:

    • TOP in Middle Border Conference for the state of Wisconsin forward assessment exam
    • TOP 4 (average) in grades 3-8 regional rank (15 area schools)
    • ACT composite 22.2 (District goal is 22)
    • ACT regional rank (15 area schools)
      • #1 in English/Language Arts
      • #1 in Math
      • #1 in Science 

    In review of the 2018-19 DPI Accountability Report Card Data, the School District of New Richmond is proud to report our performance in comparison with ALL other Wisconsin  K-12 Districts. All of the School District of New Richmond buildings scored an Exceeds or Significantly Exceeds Expectations on their report card.


    Overall Accountability Score Top 24%

    District Student Achievement Score Top 8%

    Eighth-Grade Mathematics Achievement Score Top 4%

    Third-Grade ELA Achievement Score Top 29%

    District Student Growth Score Top 42%

    District Closing Gaps Score Bottom 30%

    District On-Track Post-Secondary Readiness Score Top 13%


    District Student Achievement Score: students’ level of knowledge and skills attained compared against state academic standards in English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics.

    District Student Growth Score: how rapidly students are gaining knowledge and skills from year to year, focusing on the pace of improvement in students’ performance.

    District Closing Gaps Score: how much the school or district is closing statewide achievement gaps between student groups (comparing low-income students, English learners, students with disabilities, and members of minority racial or ethnic groups with their peers).

    District On-Track Post-Secondary Readiness Score: how successfully students are achieving educational milestones that predict later success.

    As a learning community, we strive to inspire every student to learn to his or her potential and we are continually looking to improve our instructional practices to offer the best education possible for our students. These data summaries are one source of information that the SDNR uses to reflect upon both our strengths and areas of opportunities. The dedication and hard work that each one of our staff members contributes to our overall District goals are evident in data above. Our focus on improving instruction by helping each student grow so they are able to reach their potential is again evident.

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