• Course Description:

    Can you survive the game of life? Are you ready for the real world? Pop quiz - can you: sew on a button, change a tire, plan meals on a budget, avoid the freshman 15, manage stress, find an apartment, do your laundry, co-exist with roommates etc. This class is designed to teach you the art of adulting through a variety of interactive activities that will help you survive in the “real world!”


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    Course Outline:

    Unit 1 - Finding & Securing A Job

    Unit 2 - Apartment Living

    Unit 3 - Young Adult Health

    Unit 4 - Sex, Drugs, & Rock & Roll +

    Unit 5 - Etiquette & Networking

    Unit 6 - Basic Auto Review

    Unit 7 - Basic Laundry Care

    Unit 8 - Personal Responsibility

    Extra - Community involvement & Survivor Bucks


    Class Policies:

    • No food or drink (besides water)
    • Be Positive, Be Responsible, Be Respectful
    • Late work = 50% of points earned. (Includes Projects!!!!!) After unit = 10% points earned.  Absent = Same as student handbook
    • Assignments can me obtained by asking the instructor for a copy or electronically via the planbook.com (click text for link.) 


    Course Materials

    • Notebook
    • Folder
    • Writing Utensil
    • Google Classroom
    • Positive Attitude


    Grading System

    Daily Work



    Final (10% of grade)

    (Based on Total Points)

    Weekly Outline & Assignments:

    Please visit planbook.com to view a weekly class outline, due dates, electronic assignments, and special class announcements.