• Course Description

    If you have the desire to create comfortable, interesting, and inspiring environments that people will admire, live in, and work in, then this course is for you. Housing and Interior Design is a course that will give students a hands-on opportunity to explore the many career options available in the field of interior design and family housing. We will study communities, the construction process, color in design, lighting and accessories, as well as researching various career options and opportunities for further education.

    Course Outline:

    Unit 1 – Meaning of Home for Families in Our Society

    Unit 2 – Design Elements & Principles

    Unit 3 – Color

    Unit 4 – Space & Measurement in Interior Design

    Unit 5 – Furniture and Lighting needs

    Unit 6 - Kitchen Remodel Project

    Unit 7 – Internal wall treatments and Flooring

    Unit 8 –House Design Project (final)

    Sample student kitchen design image

    Class Policies:

    • No food or drink (besides water)
    • Be Positive, Be Responsible, Be Respectful
    • Late work = 50% of points earned. (Includes Projects!!!!!) After unit = 10% points earned.  Absent = Same as student handbook
    • Assignments can me obtained by asking the instructor for a copy or electronically via the planbook.com (click text for link.) 


    Course Materials

    Notebook, folder, pencil, colored pencils (optional)

    $10 Supply Fee

    (Financial concerns, please see me)


    Grading System

    Daily Work



    Final (10% of grade)

    (Based on Total Points)

    Weekly Outline & Assignments:

    Please visit planbook link to view a weekly class outline, due dates, electronic assignments, and special class announcements.