• Course Description

    This course introduces students to the world of clothing and fashion and is filled with hands-on projects with many opportunities to be creative and inventive. We will begin by discussing how the fashion has been influenced through historical events and designers. Then the course evolves into consumerism and wardrobe planning, elements & principles of design, and fashion sketching. The second portion of the course focuses on apparel construction. We will create several projects that will develop the technical skills of hand and machine sewing and pattern reading.

    Apparel Construction Image
    Course Outline:

    Fashion Development

    Garment Styles & Parts

    Elements, Principles, & Color

    Wardrobe Planning

    Apparel Construction (Sewing Basics)


    Class Policies:
    • No food or drink (besides water)
    • Be Positive, Be Responsible, Be Respectful
    • Late work = 50% of points earned. (Includes Projects!!!!!) After unit = 10% points earned.  Absent = Same as student handbook
    • Assignments can me obtained by asking the instructor for a copy or electronically via the planbook.com (click text for link.) 


    Course Materials

    $10 Lab Free

    Additional purchases for projects, as needed.

    (Financial concerns, please see me)

     Pencil, Planner, Folder


    Grading System

    Daily Work



    Final (10% of grade)

    (Based on Total Points)

    Weekly Outline & Assignments:
    Please visit planbook.com to view a weekly class outline, due dates, electronic assignments, and special class announcements.