• Course Description: 

    (Prerequisites: Introduction to Culinary Arts)

    This course will continue to develop your skills to help prepare for the restaurant and hospitality industry.  You will have the opportunity to participate in work experiences both in the class and within the industry. In this advanced course you will refine your culinary skills, as well as learn, cost control and management skills through the semester long Gourmet-to-Go project.  At the conclusion of the course you will be eligible for the ProStart Certificate of Achievement from the National Restaurant Association. Other certifications and scholarship opportunities will also be available. Learning will take place through hands on activities, guest speakers, field trips, and more!

    Course Outline:

    • Service & Management
    • Gourmet-to-Go
    • Managing Costs
    • Food Safety Management 
    • Reaching your customers (Marketing/Menus)
    • Sustainability in the Industry
    • Meat, Poultry and Seafood
    • Foodservice Industry Overview & Careers

    Class Policies:
    1. Be Respectful
    2. Be Responsible
    3. Be Sanitary

    Folder/Notebook, Pen/Pencil, Planner, Hair Binder (if applicable),Positive Attitude!
    Lab Fee:

    A $10 lab fee will be collected from each student before the 1st "official" lab. If lab fee is not turned in on time the student will not be able to participate in the labs until it is collected. If the lab fee is collected in the first week of class Extra Credit will be rewarded! If there are financial concerns please contact me. 

    Homework Policy:
    All work is due on due date. Late work will be accepted for 50% of points earned; any late work turned in after a unit is complete will earn up to 10% of points earned. Late work for excused absences will be graded according to student handbook. It is the student's responsibility to collect and turn in late/missing work. Assignments can be obtained by asking the instructor for a copy or electronically via the planbook.com (click text for link.) 


    Grades are based on total points with 10% of the grade coming from the final. Grades are divided into the following categories:

    Daily Work               Projects

    Assessments            Food Labs


    Lab Make Up Process:
    See google classroom for FlipGrid instructions.



    The objective of the project is for students to research, design and teach a cultural related meal to classmates. The meal will be sold to staff with profits dedicated to field trip funding.  The project will take approximately 15 weeks to complete and covers many of the course topics.


    Required Events:

    An objective of this course is to provide real world, hands on learning. In order to do this there are some events that take place in the community outside of school hours. The instructor will provide students a list of events that are mandatory for completion of the class. Students must make all efforts to attend and participate. If students are not able to participate they must make arrangements with the instructor prior to the date for an alternate assignment. If students have not made arrangements prior to date and do not attend no points will be awarded for the event.


    Field Trips:

    Students have an opportunity to learn in this course through guest speakers and field trips. Involvement these activities is based on class attendance, grades, and behavior. It is up to the instructor’s discretion on students participation in such events.


    Weekly Outline & Assignments:
    Please visit planbook.com to view a weekly class outline, due dates, electronic assignments, and special class announcements. 
    About ProStart:
    ProStart is a 2 year curriculum sponsored by the National Restaurant Association. The purpose of the curriculum is to educate future foodservice leaders to enhance their culinary skills, but also elevate their communication and management skills. ProStart extends out of the classroom providing students with business mentors and through guest speakers, field trips, and on the job training. Students involved in ProStart have the opportunity to participate in the state/national ProStart Invitational. During the ProStart Invitational students can compete in either the Culinary portion or the Restaurant Management section where they face off against other high school students across the nation to see who has the top skills! It is an exciting and fast paced competition contact Mrs. Feyma if interested in joining the NRHS team!