• What parents are saying about Summer Stretch in New Richmond. 

    “We love the classes. The variety is great and it gives our kids fun activities for the summer.”

    “Keeps my child interested in learning and interacting with his peers in the summer.”

    “Great transition to summer! Love the fun games in fitness fun!”

     “Great to have middle school classes and LOVE that they had band lessons as an option vs. trying to figure out how to get my child to lessons during the summer while I’m at work.”

      “Fun classes make it enjoyable and relaxed for students. They want to attend when it is fun as it is summer vacation, but still school.”

     “Its fun integrated with learning so the kids don’t mind going. They get to see their friends.”

     “My child has a better grasp of reading and math skills.”

    "Great activities for young minds, helped them transition out of the school year to summer.”

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