Dear Library

What next?

  • It happens! We typically ask students to keep looking for their book(s) in places like their locker, their classroom library or book boxes, and of course at home. In the meantime, we look in our library too! Sometimes our books aren't scanned correctly when they are returned and may end up back on the shelf.  After a few weeks, if nothing is found or shows up I will send an overdue notice with the book price written on it. Cash or checks made out to the School District of New Richmond are accepted. However, if you do happen to find the book later on, we will gladly refund the full amount. We would rather have the book than your money! Often I get asked by parents if they can purchase a replacement book. We would prefer not. Often we need to purchase library bound copies of the book so that they last for many circulations through many excited readers.  If there is a special circumstance or hardship case surrounding the lost book please don't hesitate to call 715-243-1480 or email me at


    Mr. Richter