Tiger Pack Session Fees

Tiger Pack Pricing Philosophy

  • Schedule Changes

    Schdule changes (adding or dropping days) can be submitted online up to 3 days in advance of the scheduled day with no additional fees. Any changes made with in 3 days of a scheudled date will still be charged to guardian accounts. 


    Drop-ins will always be accepted on site for morning care, and guaridans who wish to drop off with out scheduling morning care can simply drop their student in on our ipad for a charge of $8.50 rather than our normal $5.50. Afternoon drop ins must be request via email to your students site before 1:00 PM. 

    What do Tiger Pack fees cover?

    Tiger Pack is a non-profit childcare program supervised by our school board -

    School year:

    Before and after school fees are in place to ensure safe supervision of Tiger Pack students at their morning and afternoon choices. Along with our staff, Tiger Pack fees help with updating all of our toys and manipulatives, purchasing supplies and crafts, and snacks for afternoon care.

    Non-school Days:

    Not only do these days require full day staff supervision, but we like get off-site and explore new trips and areas. Trips, busing, breakfast, and an afternoon snack are provided with these fees – and a day of fun!


    Tiger Pack is a busy program - with plenty of students who need to be safely supervised. In addition to safe staffing, summer offers transportation during summer school dates, and two special trips or on-site acitvities a week. Along with doing more trips that your average childcare program, Tiger Pack does our best to keep students entertained with mix of crafts, technolgy, and gym/outside time through out the summer. Tiger Pack summer can sound pricey - but we strive to make sure young, and old students a like throughly enjoy our busy program!

Registration and Payment

    Tiger Pack charges a registration fee upon each contract request.
    School Year: $25 per student (Max of $50)
    $25 per student if students did not attend during the school year (Max of $50)
    $10 Sunscreen Charge 
    Tiger Pack Shirts $16
    Summer Summer Summer

    Tiger Pack uses an online registration system. This system is connected with Tiger Pack administrators to easily allow parents to submit student scheduling as well as send twice monthly invoices and receive payments online.