Here are some ways to practice word study words!



    3 S’s (Say it, Spell it, Sort it (Write)

    Have your child put the cut out words in a pile. Put the headers at the top. Choose the top word, SAY it, SPELL it, and SORT it and then write it down.

    Closed Sort

    Put the headers at the top and the rest of the words in a pile. Have your child sort the words correctly with the headers. Have a conversation with your child aboutWHYthey put the word under the specific headers andWHATthey were thinking.

    Blind Sort

    Lay out the headers for the words. Mix up the cards and call out the word without showing your child the word. Have your child choose the right category by pointing to the correct heading. Have them explainWHYthey chose that category andWHATthey were thinking.

    Word Hunt

    Have your child look at newspapers, magazines and books and have your child find words that correspond with the word patterns that go with their sort.

    Sentence Application

    Have your child put all the words from their sort in a pile. Have them choose the top word and use it correctly in a sentence. Choose another word and continue this.

    Guess my Category

    Sort two or three words into specific groups without telling your child what the categories are. When you pick up the next work, invite your child to guess where it will go and have them explainWHYthey chose that category andWHATthey were thinking.

    Speed Sort

    Have your child put the headers at the top. Then put the rest of the word cards in a pile. Have your child correctly sort their words as fast as possible. Check together and then have them mix up the words again and repeat.

    Define the Word

    Have your child define the words that are in their sort. They can either define in their own words or use a dictionary to look up the true definition.

    Draw and Label

    Have your child put all of their words in a pile. Choose the top word and have your child draw a picture that shows that word. Repeat for all words.

    Find Pictures of your Words

    Have your child look in magazines, newspapers, etc. and find pictures of the words that they are working on.

    Make a Poem

    Have your child use their words to come up with a poem.

    Use Words in a Story

    Have your child use all of their words in a story.