Graduation Requirements

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    1. Carry a minimum of 6 courses each semester or a minimum of 4 academic courses if enrolled in band, chorus, or orchestra.
    2. Have accumulated 23 credits.
    3. Must demonstrate Reading competency. *3
    4. Successfully complete:
    • A minimum of 4 credits of English
    • A minimum of 2 credits of Math
    • A minimum of 2 credits of Science
    • A minimum of 3 credits of Social Studies or its equivalent
    • A minimum of 1½ credits of Physical Education *2

    Grade 9:

    1 credit Modern World History/Culture

    Grade 10:

    1 credit of Survey of American History

    Grade 11-12:

    • One-half credit of American Government
    • One-half credit of Introduction to Economics

    *2 Students who have a medical excuse from Physical Education must pick up credits in other areas to compensate for those lost. Physical Education credits are required of freshman, sophomore, and junior students.

    *3 Students at New Richmond High School must demonstrate a reading competency which corresponds with their ability level. Tests will be administered during the 8th grade year to determine students who lack reading skills. Identified students will be placed in a required reading enhancement course. The student may be exempted from this requirement by demonstrating reading competency as determined by the school.

    Students must be in the school building and be accountable from 8:00 a.m. to 3:05 p.m. The only exceptions are cooperative education, a requirement for a class, or an individual education plan set up by school personnel and parents. This is state law.

    Students who wish to drop a course must have permission from teacher, counselor, and parent(s).

    PLEASE NOTE: All AP courses require instructor approval