•  February 1, 2019


    Dear 8th Grade Student and Parent(s),

    The School Counseling Department at New Richmond High School would like to extend our warmest regards to you, and take this opportunity to pass along some information regarding your child’s transition to high school!

    Each year we begin to prepare 8th graders for their transition into the high school by providing a tour and then High School Counselors will follow up by providing registration information the following week at the Middle school.  This year, the tour will be held the morning of Thursday , February 14th, and then the high school counselors will be visiting the middle school on Monday, February 25th to provide scheduling information to the 8th graders in the classroom setting. During this time, students will receive information on how to select and register for freshman classes, as well as summer school options, and we will assist them as they begin planning their course schedules.

    As part of the scheduling information session, students will receive a packet that outlines information to consider as they select courses. They will also receive a course handbook, course selection sheet, and instructions on how to enter their course requests in Family Access. Please take a moment to look through these materials together and chart out a tentative course for your student’s high school career. We cannot stress enough the importance of making wise class choices early in high school as this helps ensure that every opportunity will be available to your student upon graduation. The registration deadline will be Friday March 8th . 

    For the sake of planning ahead, you will receive information later this spring inviting you and your student to an informational meeting that will be held prior to the start of the school year. At this meeting, the High School Counselors will cover information about preparing for freshman year, will review student schedules, provide another tour, and answer any questions you may have. In addition, we also like to remind students about our Freshman Orientation Day, which is held the very first day of their freshman year. On this day, freshman are the only students here, along with our upper classmen mentors, so they get an opportunity to tour the school again, practice walking their schedule, and meet their teachers in an inviting and more relaxed way. Students often mention how much they love this day, and how it makes the transition so much easier!

    We are looking forward to meeting you as you transition to NRHS! We are committed to helping make your high school experience successful and enjoyable!  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.   


    Shannon Bartlett (A-G),  Beth L'Allier (H-M),  and Jenny Wander (N-Z)

    New Richmond High School Counselors

8th Grade Transition Files