• Welcome to the 2017-2018 SY
    If you would like to donate EXTRA supplies for your child's classroom, here are my suggestions:
    --a snack box for when students are temporarily out of a snack. 
    --a box of SANDWICH SIZE OR GALLON SIZE plastic bags.
    --yellow or blue notebook
    --extra pocket folder (blue, green, red, yellow) 
    Please do not label the supplies as most are shared during the year.
    Please bring your school supplies to the Open House.    
    I would like to share a few suggestions for when you are purchasing items specific to our classroom, A106.
    This is NOT A SUPPLY LIST.   
    1.  (4) Plain spiral notebooks, wide-ruled (1 each of color - blue, green, yellow, red)  They will be handed out as classroom procedures are introduced.
    2.  (3) Pocket folders (1 of each color - blue, green, red) They will be handed out as classroom procedures are introduced.
    3.  (8) Black Dry Expo markers are the best for classroom use.  Other colors do not erase well or show up well on our classroom boards.
    4.  (1) Box of Crackers, Replenish on you own as needed.  Students will eat their own individual snacks (box).   
    5.  (1) clean cotton black sock.  It will be the eraser for our Expo dry erase markers.
    Thank you for checking this site.
    Jeff Schroeder
    First Grade
    715 246-2581 Home