Student Services Teams

    Belief Statements
    The Student Services Department believes:
    • in the worth and dignity of each person.
    • that students thrive in a least-restrictive learning environment that facilitates emotional well-being, self-discovery, exploration, and intellectual risk-taking.
    • that effective life-long learning is a shared responsibility by students, parents, staff, and community.
    • that we celebrate student successes through a safe, nurturing, and fun environment.
    • in continuous evaluations in order to promote student growth and program effectiveness.
    • that an effective educational system anticipates, plans, and acts in response to an increasingly complex and technological world. 
    • that a quality education is a life-long process that fosters personal, academic, and cultural understanding.
    • that meaningful learning provides strategies and tools for independent living.
    • that all students are entitled to the opportunity to foster their individual and unique talents and abilities.
    • that all students have the right to equal access to facilities and resources that meet their individual needs
    Student Services Departmental Teams - click on any hyperlink to be taken to that teacher's page
    Director of Student Services:
    Kathy Rogers - (715) 243-7426 
    District Psychologists:
    Shelley Albright- Hillside Elementary and Middle School
    Kayla Grahovac - Paperjack Elementary and High School
    Alyssa Martinson - Starr Elementary 
    Heidi Ryan - 4K and Early Childhood Middle School

    Virtual Coordinator:
    Alicia Kirkman - District Wide
    Occupational Therapists:
    Ashley Degerman, COTA - District Wide
    Lisa Dorenbush - District Wide
    Speech and Language Pathologists:
    Ciara Anderson -Early Childhood and 4K
    Mary Bennig-SLA - Hillside Elementary and High School
    Jean Edwards - Middle School 
    Brooke John - Starr Elementary 
    Carey Reetz -  Paperjack Elementary, Early Childhood and 4K
    Maureen Schindeldecker - Starr Elementary
    Kristin Taipale - Hillside Elementary
    Julie Vuchetich - Hillside Elementary and High School

    Physical Therapist:
    Gwen Hop - District-wide
    District Nurse:
    Joan Simpson 
    Health Assistants:
    Linnea Engstrom - Starr Elementary
    Amy Krumm - Paperjack Elementary
    Christine Olson - Hillside Elementary
    Ann Rudolf - Middle School
    Christine Cunningham - High School 
    Bryon Andrews
    Lynzi Pechacek
    Para Educators:  
    Katie Bergdahl
    Heather Bjorne
    Darla Fehlen
    Patty Gardner
    Tara Larson
    Jenelyn Moen
    Mary Schuna
    Barb Simon
    Nicole Thompson 
    Michelle Younger
    Angie Berg - Interpreter
    Alisha Hopkins - Interpreter
    Denise Devereux
    Casey Spielman
    Para Educators: 
    Ashley Ball
    Ashley Brish
    Shannon Bottolfson
    Janet Edin
    Kjristen Faaren
    Jean Gustafson
    Jennifer Jordan
    Ruth Ann Kobs
    Annie Leonard
    Bailey McFarland
    Lisa Ronning
    Jessica Smith
    Krista Ash
    Para Educators:
    Amanda Andre
    Kaylee Bebeau
    Ashley Clymer
    Kourtney Hammer
    Cassie Hiser
    April Leaf
    Diane Marren
    Kristine Russell
    Josephine Taylor

    Early Childhood(located in Starr Elementary):
    Mariah Leavens
    Karen Storie
    Para Educators:  
    Kennedy Kling
    Ashley Pabst
    LeEdna Bailey
    Rebecca Davison
    Andrea Hoeppner
    John Larson
    Beth Pittman
    Para Educators:
    Teresa Anderson
    Jonathan Annen
    Criox Hare
    Elizabeth Kamm
    Sarah Orthmeyer 
    Laura Rameaux
    Abigail Schmidt
    Melissa Squires
    Ann Schmitt
    Angela Brozak
    Hazle Cain
    Para Educators:
    Tammy Anderson
    Jeanna Gorka
    Elizabeth Kidd
    Angie Krumenauer
    Rebecca Rogers
    Carrie Sarff
    Megan Stephenson
    Amber Thaemert
    Student Services Administrative Assistants:
    Julia Franz - District Office
    Kimberly Harstad - Middle School
    Stacie Getzie - Middle School