Who Is Community Ed?


    New Richmond Area Community Education is an extension and service provided by the School District of New Richmond.  The educational, recreational, and social opportunities provided by Community Education for all ages makes the New Richmond School District truly a community-centered school district. 
    About our classes:  Our classes are self-supporting.  The cost necessary to conduct classes are generated by the users.  We strive to provide a variety of classes and programs for everyone in the community.  If you have a request for a class, please contact us.  We will attempt to secure a satisfactory instructor.  If enough participants enroll to pay the costs of the program, the request for a class becomes a reality!

    About our staff:  New Richmond Area Community Education has one full-time director, Cheryl Emerson, and one full-time assistant Sara Rogers.  Community Education is also supported by a very visible Advisory Council.  Those members are:  Jeff Peterson, Lou Ann Derosier, Mary Beth Elliot, Pat Shilts, Denise Devereux, Gwen Hop, Dori Marty, Eric Bohl, and Wayne Tubbs.