Welcome to Tiger Volleyball


    Changes have been made to the 2020 season. Our season will now begin Monday, September 7th. Please check your emails and monitor the team google classroom for more details.

    Here is a preview of what we do know at this time (updated August 6th).



  • The coaching staff is excited for the opportunities assembled for athletes interested in becoming a member of the 2020 Tiger Volleyball team!
    We've got plans for August. The plans will be flexible and adjusted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see the following attachment for more information:

    NRHS Volleyball plans: August 2020

    NRHS Volleyball August 2020 Calendar

     Before participating in any activites with the School District of New Richmond this summer, all participants are requred to read, sign, and submit the following waiver:SDNR COVID19 Waiver and Voluntary Assumption of Risk


    Registration is now open for the NRHS Site Camp facilitated by Kokoro Volleyball! Please register for camp through New Richmond Community Ed here.

    Camp will be held August 10-13 at NRHS. Camp instruction runs 8 am to 2 pm. There will be an hour long lunch break each day. Athletes should bring their own lunch. We request they eat lunch outside, weather permitting. Kokoro Volleyball Club will be conducting temperature checks as athletes entry the buildings in addition to our other requirements that have been in place this summer including the following: bring full water bottle(s) with the camp each day, wear face coverings at all times indoors, wash hands with soap and water before entering the gym, expect to clean and sanitized volleyballs, utilize hand sanitizer in the gymnasium, bring extra shirt and face mask in bag to change into and sweat towel if athlete prefers.

    Kokoro Volleyball has very thoroughly considered the COVID-19 health pandemic and has plans in place to reduce the transmission of this virus. Please read and be familar with protocol: Kokoro Preparedness Plan 

    In addition to agreeing to and signing the School District of New Richmond waiver, camp participants will be required to have read the Kokoro Preparedness Plan and sign the Kokoro Volleyball waiver (attached in the preparedness plan) as well.


Team Attire

  • Athletes new to the program will need to purchase the team warmup.  Sizing will happen during tryouts and the order will be placed by the Parent/Athlete/Coaches Meeting.  Approximate cost for the warmups (which include a top and pants) will be between $75 and $85.  Payment is due upon delivery.  

    For team uniformity in practice and competition, we also require athletes wear black socks and black knee pads.  Shoes are left up to the athlete to decide for best fit; Ankle braces are encouraged but not required or provided.  All athletes will be provided with two team issued practice tshirt and have the option of purchasing a second.  Athletes are expected to wear team issued shirt to practice.  

    We will offer an apparel store again this season. A link to the online store will be shared later in the summer.