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  • NRHS Mathematics Department

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    You will need to enter a PIN# (list below)

    Pre-Algebra (CC3)  PIN#:  NNNQA

    Algebra (CCA)  PIN#: 3CE4R

    Geometry (CCG)  PIN#:  3F2G4

    Algebra 2 (CCA2)  PIN#:  A76TN

    Pre-Calc (PC3)  PIN#:  9JNGM

    Integrated Math (CCInt)  PIN#:  9N2AN

    NRMS Mathematics Department 


    Please call 715-243-1599 or 715-243-1663 to speak with one of our Math Coach Specialists. They spend the majority of their time in the schools so don't be discouraged if you have to leave a message or send an email. (individual addresses listed below)
    Vicki Gjovik, Math Coach Specialist               
    Sarah Tegtmeier, Math Coach Specialist (gr K-2)
    Maria Hall, Math Coach Specialist (gr 3-5)
    Maryjo Peirson, Mathematics Learning Specialist (gr 6-8)
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