School Meals

  •  School Meals 2020-21

    Whether students are learning virtually at home or face-to-face at school, meals will be available to all. Please review the latest updates for School Meals:

    • Meals are FREE for all students through the 2020-21 school year. This does not include the additional cost for second helpings of entrees, milk-only purchases with cold lunch or milk break, or snack/beverage items purchased at Middle and High School. 
    • Cafeterias are now cashless. If you would like to make a deposit, please set up an account through or mail/drop off money in a sealed envelope to the District Office.
    • School meals are ensured to be safe and sanitary. Service procedures have been updated to prevent the spread of COVID-19 including the elimination of self-service stations with shared utensils, and increased cleaning between lunch periods. 

    For Virtual Learners

    • Students enrolled in the district's virtual learning option can sign up for free curbside meals on Friday mornings from 9-10 am. Sign up here:

    For Quarantined Students

    • Students temporarily quarantined may sign up for free curbside meals on Friday mornings from 9-10 am (during the weeks of quarantine). Sign up here:

    Thank you for helping us serve the students of New Richmond School District! Please contact School Nutrition with any questions at 715-243-1714

     Curbside Meals