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A Message from Your Superintendent

March 2017

The School District of New Richmond has taken many steps to construct a strategic plan which is built on the foundation of our Core Purpose: Inspire every student to learn to his or her potential. This is further supported by our Core Values: excellence, respect, integrity, learning, passion, diversity and collaboration. Our overall purpose of the strategic plan is to build upon the District’s Six Pillars for Success which includes district initiatives for the next 5 years and BEYOND. It is ambitious and intends to elevate expectations and performances.

Pillar 1 (Parents and Community) Parents and community are encouraged to actively engage and collaborate in our schools.

Pillar 2 (Facilities) To provide safe facilities and environments that meet the educational needs of students and staff.

Pillar 3 (Students) Inspire every student to learn to his or her potential and empower students in their own learning.

Pillar 4 (Innovative Instruction) High standards, rigorous curriculum and powerful instruction: we must go beyond the basics to ensure that all students become critical-thinkers, effective communicators and responsible global citizens.

Pillar 5 (Staff) Collaborate effectively and participate in shared leadership to enhance professional practice and student learning.

Pillar 6 (Technology) Technology shall be integrated to enhance, improve, engage, and stimulate the learning environment for all students.

Throughout the year, our strategic plan has been at the forefront of our decision making process. One example is how we have restructured our Board of Education Work Sessions to anticipate changes and help us reach a new level of excellence. The implementation of this strategic plan is ensuring that the School District of New Richmond can offer college and career readiness skills that will further our students’ academic development and social conscience.

The School District of New Richmond strategic plan is the key to assuring that we are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. To end the year, one pillar we are concentrating on to better understand the needs of our District is Pillar 1 (Parents and Community). To meet this goal, we are creating two communication tools to maximize our engagement so we are better able to collaborate with our stakeholders. As a student, parent, or community member you will be able to verbalize strengths or areas of opportunity in the form of a brief end of the year survey or at a District Administrator listening session.

If you would rather share your strengths or areas of opportunity in person please join me on Wednesday-May 10th at 6pm in the large forum at the New Richmond High School. Our hope is that these types of communications will invoke further discussions of improvement for the School District of New Richmond.

In closing, as stated by Ralph Waldo Emerson “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”. The School District of New Richmond continues to leave a trail and we thank you for your support in this journey!


Patrick B. Olson
District Administrator
School District New Richmond
Office: 715.243.7413



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